Tioga Pass Run, #2

Sun rise drenched mountains on the way to the eventThe whole reason for going
12.4 miles, 3200' gain, 4:17 time. Slower than last year and a whole lot more struggle on my part. But, when I was feeling like it would be better to just jump the cliffs, I'd look around, remember where I was, and continue with the one foot in front of the other drill. We had great weather, only occasional head winds, and many, many more cars than last year. A course record was set, Ryan Hall at 1:20. Amazing.


Robin said…
Professional runner. Lives in Mammoth. Olympic marathoner. See him at the gym. He was like a streak of light when he went by me on Sunday. The dude was moving! To boot, I think 1:20 on 120 is pretty cool.
Erica said…
1:20 is amazing, but I give the top honors to you. Good and Strong work! and not much training..lol not to mention that sunrise photo is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.